The name says it all. Ultra-realistic; enjoy all the advantages of parquet flooring without any of the inconveniences. This long-lasting, water resistant laminate is truly one of a kind. With our 5G BestLoc XTreme ingenious locking system, Eternity is extremely easy and fast to install. Best of all, the range is built to withstand intense foot traffic. It starts off looking great and stays that way, for ever.

Eternity - Teknisk dataark 5G Loc - Installasjonsanvisninger Eternity - Inlay Deep Wood Structure Eternity - Inlay Real Wood Structure Laminat og gulvvarme - Installasjon Laminat - Vedlikeholdsinstruksjoner Laminat - Garantipolitikk DOP-erklæring - DOP170-DPLA18-1 PEFC ISO 9001 Kundestøtte