Kelime Tanım
A+ Label (Emissions dans l'air intérieur)

Since Jan 1st, 2012, construction products, decoration and furnishing products to be traded in France for the first time are to be labelled with an emissions classification on the basis of VOC emissions tests. All BerryAlloc products comply to this label.


The ALULOC locking system, in durable aluminium, provides a solid, sealed floor surface that copes easily with heavy traffic, and can tolerate loads of up to 1200 kg per linear metre, making this high pressure flooring the strongest on the market.

The aluminium assembly system makes the high pressure floor covering quick and easy to install, needing no special tools. A smooth, secure click-locking system, even on large format sheets. Attractive benefits for all kinds of projects, whether public areas or private homes. This technology is available for the Stone and Grand Avenue Collections.

Best Loc®

It's an angle-angle installation method. The quality of its profile and the regular locking (length/width) makes it easy to lay without tools, glue or mallet.

Best Loc® X-Treme

Installation is even easier, simpler and faster (up to 30% faster compared to Best Loc®). The planks are installed one after another, by simply folding them into place. No tools or glue needed.


Describes the appearance of a floor’s surface. Reproduction involving photographic techniques can produce any motif and print this on the so-called decorative paper. Decors can also be printed on the core directly. The range of decors available spans authentic wood and stone reproductions to individual creative decors.

DIY (Do it yourself)

DIY is an acronym for “do it yourself”,” referring to projects that can be installed without a professional.


Abbreviation for Direct Pressure Laminate. This is a process in which the decorative layer and stabilising layer are pressed onto the core.

DreamClick® Loc

Our patented DreamClick® Loc is the strongest & best locking system on the LVT market. With a lock strength of 500 kg, it can withstand heavy loads and frequent traffic with the greatest ease. The loc is installed on all our PURE collections.

Drum sound / Footstep sound Drum sound is the noise produced in rooms when walking on flooring. A distinction is made between drum sound and footstep sound. Footstep sound is the noise produced in rooms below when the flooring is walked on. Both footstep and drum sound can be reduced or modified using special insulating underlays.
Embossed in register

A manufacturing process that intensifies the depth, texture and realistic look of the floor by aligning the embossing with the printed design. This technique is used on laminate products.

Emission class

A term frequently used in product information. E1 means compliance with the formaldehyde limit prescribed by law, i.e. 0.1 ppm (= 0.12 mg/m3 air). The products of BerryAlloc are well below this limit.


Abbreviation for High Pressure Floors. This is a process in which the decorative paper and overlay are first pressed with special kraft papers. It is only in the second step that this so-called high pressure floor is glued to the core.

PEFC™ Certification

PEFC is the world's largest forest certification system. Choosing a BerryAlloc® floor is also making a responsible choice, for a company that cares about its product, and is as attentive to the environment as to your lifestyle. For BerryAlloc, species selection is crucial: the woods come exclusively from sustainably managed forests. This management involves traceability and rigorous monitoring at every stage of production and marketing.

Tongue & Groove

Traditional glued tongue and groove installation.

The boards are made with a part called the 'groove' and a part called the 'tongue' which is held together with a vinyl adhesive.