cooking & dining with ease

The kitchen is the centre of the home and the place where everyone comes together to eat, drink, work and play. Once in a while, things get spilt on the floor or it gets covered in dirty footprints. In order to keep up with all of this activity, the kitchen floor and walls need to be practical, easy to clean and hard-wearing. Luckily, BerryAlloc® offers a broad range of designer floors and walls to match those criteria.


why you'll love BerryAlloc® floors and walls in your kitchen

Why you'll love BerryAlloc® floors in your bedroom
Elite Beige

flooring for every taste

Whether you love a classic wood floor or a tile look, BerryAlloc® has got you covered. The range of Pure and Style vinyl planks even offers both, so you can seamlessly click and match them together thanks to the DreamClick® locking system.

You can choose one of our high pressure floors (Grand Avenue or Original), which are all suited to the kitchen, or one of our laminate collections (Ocean+Eternity & Eternity Long) equipped with hydro+, our pioneering water-repellent coating.


BerryAlloc® has a range of laminate collections that are resistant to water and moisture (Ocean+Eternity Eternity Long). Water doesn't stand a chance with our pioneering, water-repellent hydro+ coating, applied to the laminate planks.

And you can also opt for the waterproof vinyl plank boards of our PureStyle & Spirit collections to enjoy your floor without any worries.

NB: Our parquet floors are not recommended in wet rooms

Easy maintenance

easy to maintain

Care and maintenance are very easy with BerryAlloc® floors and walls. There is therefore no concern when it comes to spots, spills or scuffs left by shoes. By observing a few precautions and with proper care you can ensure that your floor/wall looks its best.

extremely resistant to scratches

Not only do BerryAlloc® floors add beauty and elegance to your kitchen, their scratch-resistant surfaces are able to withstand blows and impacts.

Kitchen Wall - Cement S Herringone

Ideal for renovations

Measuring 3 mm in thickness and easy to install yourself, the BerryAlloc® kitchen wall panels are ideal for quick renovations. A tube of BerryAlloc® glue, a little time on your hands and you're all set. The hardest part? Choosing!

for a lifetime

BerryAlloc® offers laminate, hardwood and vinyl flooring that can withstand the test of time. To make sure you'll enjoy every minute of your time in the kitchen, BerryAlloc® offers a lifetime warranty* on all its kitchen flooring.

*Parquet floors come with a warranty up to 30 years.