Made in France

"Liberty, authenticity, creativity"

Made in France

There is a reason that BerryAlloc® wood floors come with up to a 30 year warranty. They are made to last and manufactured to a very high standard in the heart of the Tronçais forest, in Auvergne.

This responsible manufacturing is carried out with respect for the environment and takes the local economy into account while focusing on the quality of 'Made in France' expertise. An internationally recognised quality that symbolises fine workmanship, expertise and love of wood, passed down from generation to generation. The BerryAlloc® wood floors fit in this tradition and trend.

On the one hand, there is the very rigorous selection of raw materials. On the other, there is a revolutionary installation system, the Best Loc® X-Treme, without hammer or glue, which enables a secure lock. The BerryAlloc® wood floors benefit from the PEFC™ certification, A+ certification and the Parquets de France label. This is more than a sign of recognition. It provides the guarantee of sustainably managed forests, limited transportation and implies respect for the health of consumers. It is a guarantee of security and quality for a mindful choice.